leadership skills book by Bennet Simonton

Your Guide to Maximum Impact Leadership in the Workplace

"If your competitors have read this book, don't even think about what to do next." Peter A. Hunter, Author of Breaking the Mould

“Excellent does not do justice in describing your book. I don't know of any executive who could sit down, read your book and not get excited. It's a great wake up call for US executives and one that should be required reading of anybody who leads, or wants to lead, others.”
-Bill Vick

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About the Book

Bennet Simonton has commanded Navy ships, directed the building and operation of nuclear propulsion plants and run one of the largest electric power plant overhaul organizations in the country. He has been responsible for leading more than 4,000 workers over 30 years in management.

In this book, he reveals his techniquies for effectively managing people and driving gains in productivity as high as 300%, or as high as 500% per person (as Stephen Covey said was possible).

Simonton outlines how to use the two most powerful tools at a manager’s disposal— group meetings and one-on-one interactions. He tells you exactly what to do and say to raise the majority of employees to be top performers and the reasons why those actions are correct and other alternatives are incorrect.

Simonton views leadership as a science, not an art, removing the mystery and uncertainty of the process, so leaders can confidently produce better results through people.

Leading People to Be Highly Motivated and Committed takes you where other leadership books don’t. It is the optimal reference guide for any manager or executive seeking to turn around poor performance and create fully engaged workers who love coming to work.

Updated & Newly Edited in 2012
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Read an Excerpt: Don't Shoot the Messenger

Picture of Bennet Simonton, Author of Leadership Skills Book

Bennet Simonton, Capt. US Navy (Ret) and author of Leading People to Be Highly Motivated and Committed, managed people for over 30 years and effected four successful turnarounds including a nuclear-powered cruiser and a 1,300 person unionized group. Ben now helps executives and managers to improve their leadership skills to become exceptional managers of people.

Results From Implementing Ben's Techniques

“People are 4 times more capable than we initially believe them to be. If you unleash their full potential, you will see this for yourself.”— Ben

How Ben escaped the top-down, command and control style of managing people.
Interviewed by weLead Online Magazine